November 19, 2016 at The Westin Resort, St John US Virgin Islands • 6:00pm

welcome & thank you participants

Flavors provides a unique & captive audience to whom you can promote your restaurant.
Flavors guests have paid a premium ticket price to sample the best that
St John has to offer in culinary experiences.
This is not a cocktail party or free-food buffet frenzy.
Flavors is a food and wine event.
Guests that night are the people who spend money dining out.
Flavors offers you the opportunity to show your stuff in head to head comparison with your competition.
Capitalize on that opportunity and really stand out
that night with your food, table decoration and service!




These web pages have been put up to provide you the information you need as a participant

check out:   faq's and How to Win

Flavors of St John is a charity fundraiser put on by The Rotary Club of St John's Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.
Accordingly, your donations may be tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor.

Date & Location:

Nov 19, 2016
at The Westin Resort

Flavors is in the Grand Ballroom and the Rooms across the Foyer


Access for loading and unloading, that day,
is at the rear loading dock entrance to the Ballroom or from the entrance road. You will be able to bring your vehicle within about
100 feet from your table for loading and unloading.

Please unload AND IMMEDIATELY move your vehicle to the parking area to make room for other participants. There is about a 1-1/4 hour window to get all this done between 3PM and 4:30.  If you are not entering the culinary competition you must be setup by 5:30.



You have free entry for up to 4 staff members to work your table. Additional staff must buy tickets. (We're raising money for scholarships and other community projects after all.)


Judging 4:30 to 6:00
Cocktail Hour (no food service) from 6:00 till 6:30
Flavors (food service) 6:30-8:30
People's Choice vote closes 7:30
Live Music and Dancing till 11:00pm

Your set up must be completed by 4:30 if you wish to enter the judging;
set up can begin as early
as 3:00pm that day


Rotary will provide 6" plastic plates, cocktail napkins, and forks. If you are serving something that requires additional items, please bring them.

The Westin will provide table cloths. You are encouraged to decorate your table as you wish, and if you're serving something messy, please provide carpet protection.


Sterno heat and or small stoves are acceptable, but if you're likely to produce smoke or want to grill something please let us know so that you may set up outside at the loading dock and shuttle food into the ballroom.



winning the culinary competition

Flavors of St John is a charity fundraiser put on by The Rotary Club of St John
Culinary Competition
Each paying guest that night is given a ballot to vote for their favorite participant of the night as Best Overall Presentation. This year there will be professional celebrity judges to select winners in 4 categories: Mixology, Appetizer, Entrée, and Dessert. You may enter in as many categories as you wish. 

This year the judging will take place before the event. The plates to be judged will be collected from the entrant's table by the judging committee. You must be offering the same food you submit for judging. Submitting a different item for judging that what you offer to the public will disqualify you from that category. Decisions of the judges is final. Please carefully read the instructions you will be provided at the event. The results and People's Choice will be announced about 7:45pm. 

In the past the restaurants that have been the real crowd pleasers that night are the restaurants that don't run out of food too early.

The minimum portions we ask you to bring are 75 appetizer sized portions; not specifically appetizers just appetizer sized portions. HOWEVER, if you believe your dish will be very popular and sought after that night then bring more.

We are expecting a maximum of 250 guests that night, if you think more than 75 people are going to want your food bring more (but don't make the mistake of bringing too much food either. What's the perfect amount? I'm afraid I don't know, you'll have to decide that).

While the crowd gets a little nuts when word gets around that someone is serving filet mignon, if that filet is not delicious the crowd knows it. Do something that sounds intriguing and is absolutely delicious and you will win the crowd.

The extra effort you put into your presentation, table decor and promotional items you bring will help you stand out to the guests that night.



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