November 19, 2016 at The Westin Resort, St John US Virgin Islands 6:00pm

Flavors of St John is a charity fundraiser put on by The Rotary Club of St John


In the past the restaurants that have been the real crowd pleasers that night are the restaurants that don't run out of food too early.

The minimum portions we ask you to bring are 75 appetizer sized portions; not specifically appetizers just appetizer sized portions. HOWEVER, if you believe your dish will be very popular and sought after that night then bring more.

We are expecting up to 250 guests that night, if you think more than 75 people are going to want your food bring more (but don't make the mistake of bringing too much food either.  What's the perfect amount? I'm afraid I don't know, you'll have to decide that).

While the crowd gets a little nuts when word gets around that someone is serving filet mignon, if that filet is not delicious the crowd knows it. Do something that sounds intriguing and is absolutely delicious and you will win the crowd.

The extra effort you put into your presentation, table decor and promotional items  you bring will help you stand out to the guests that night.



some good questions posed from a participant


What facilities are provided  is there electricity/running water?

You are provided with a table (roughly a 8' long x 3' deep banquet table) a sign with your Restaurant name on it (not logo), a table skirt and table cloth. Electricity is available around the perimeter of the rooms. Water is available nearby. You may bring your own table cloth. Planning and setting up your own distinctive style that night is encouraged. While your space is limited, there is room behind your table for additional tables to cook on, those you would need to provide.

I see tables will be provided by you, what size is it or are they?

Roughly a 8' long x 3' deep x 3' high banquet table.

Can we cook on the spot or are the appetizer portions to be cold only?

Many restaurants bring portable gas burners, Bar-B-Que grills, etc. in order to cook on the spot. There are restrictions for cooking inside. Nothing that produces smoke. Call Rob Glabach at The Westin if you are in doubt.  There is electricity at most tables.

If we can cook on the spot, what if any equipment can be supplied?

No equipment can be supplied, bring what you need and rent anything additional to what you own. Rotary will provide plastic service plates (6") forks and napkins.  Any other items (bowls, spoons, knives, etc.) are your responsibility.

I am thinking of presenting a tasting of wines & olive oils is this permissible and can I sell them?

Restaurants are not allowed to sell prepared food, wine, beer, or liquor. Restaurants are allowed to offer for sale t-shirts, hats, specialty sauces/rubs or other food stuffs they make bottle & label. I am strongly urging all participants to come prepared to sell gift certificates. You may not sell wine, you may sell olive oil if it is made/infused or labeled by your restaurant. Remember with anything you sell you will need to bring your own cash bank. And the selling of items should be secondary, mainly at this event restaurants need to be offering their best dish. Wine tastings by individual restaurants are not permitted .

What signage is available do you provide, or do we provide our own and if we can, what dimensions/positions can we place them in?

We provide you with a banner behind your table with your name on it, not your logo. You are allowed to bring your own signs. A great sign company, located on St Thomas, is deSIGNS. deSigns has donated thousands of dollars worth of signage to Flavors in support of this charitable cause, Linda Wright is the owner. They are the best source for signs & banners of all kinds: 776.8338,

What promotional materials can we hand out, is there any restriction (within reason)?

Within reason, there is no restriction of materials. Flavors reserves the right to stop the distribution that night of any materials found not to be in accord with the spirit of the event.
I strongly urge all participants to bring promotional materials about their Holiday events to Flavors. And to bring gift certificates that you can sell to guests of Flavors.

Are there any permits required for competitions/raffles etc if we decide to do that?

Restaurant participants may not hold raffles at the event. (read below about giveaways).

Can we gather names/addresses etc on the day from giveaways or raffles, to use for future promotions?

Raffles (requiring a purchase to enter) are not permitted. Asking people to drop their name and info into a "fishbowl" from which winning names will be drawn (maybe you give away dinner for two; a polo shirt with your logo) would be fine as long as: IT CLEARLY STATES ON THE ENTRY FORM THAT YOUR GIVEAWAY IS IN NO WAY A PART OF FLAVORS OR ROTARY AND THAT YOU INTEND TO USE THE NAMES AND INFO OF ANYONE WHO ENTERS YOUR GIVEAWAY FOR YOUR OWN FUTURE PROMOTIONS. You will not be allowed to announce the winner of your giveaway that night. You would need to call the winner the next day to let them know they won your giveaway. Rotary holds raffles and auctions that night as further opportunity to raise money, it would be counterproductive to their cause if other offers were being announced over the loud speakers that night.

Can you provide us with a map of the layout expected and is there any chance we could choose a position within the setup?

Restaurant layout is done the day of the event, the layout is planned by the Rotary Club of St John. So a layout cannot be provided. You will be shown your location when you come to set up.

What are the demographics of the people that generally attend what do they do/are they locals/foodies/singles/family types?

The people who attend this event are locals who are foodies across a wide demographic but have the love of great St John restaurants and food in common, and island visitors attend. This is a food & wine event, this is high scale dining not a free food buffet frenzy or cocktail party.

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